NSA Defection Incident


In September 1960, two people who had worked as code breakers at NSA Headquarters appeared on a news program in Moscow. They announced their defection to the Soviet Union and disclosed NSA's cryptanalytic missions. This was the first incident to reveal the truth behind NSA to the world.

In 1964, General Secretary Khrushchev and the KGB provided on of the code breakers who had defected from NSA to support Naked Snake as a contact during Operation Snake Eater. His codename was ADAM. Naked Snake was unable to link up with ADAM and instead an inside source named EVA succeeded in making contact.

ADAM was Ocelot. EVA, who successfully linked up with Naked Snake, was not a former NSA defector. The woman calling herself EVA was a spy of General HQ Second Department of the People's Liberation Army of China.