Change Log


- Added link to the parent category to breadcrumbs when viewing encyclopedia articles. The link will go to the subsection that the article appears in. (For example, the category-level breadcrumb on the GSG9 page will take you to Ghi tab in Organizations.)
- Misc. optmizations to site controller.


- Added French for Historic Events
category (Événements Historique)
- Added French for Locations category (Endroits)
- Added French for Other category (Divers)

This completes the French-language MGS4 Database. The next language to go up will be Spanish.


- New: French text for Timeline (Chronologie)
- New: French text for Military category (Armée)
- Added French site title
- Fix site title not appended to Category or Encyclopedia pages
- New AJAX implementation
- Moved some database lookup calls out of views and into the model, and removed them where not needed
- Misc. under-the-hood improvements
- Misc English tweaks (Mostly endlines)
- Misc CSS tweaks (You may need to Ctrl+Refresh to pick up the changes)


- Changed language selector from drop-down to in-page links
- Append subset (for Categories) and page number (for Encyclopedia entries) to HTML title to prevent Google from complaining at me for having duplicate page titles
- Set canonical URL if a translation for the current Encyclopedia entry isn't available (so Google won't ding me for having duplicate content on multiple pages)
- Highlight appropriate category in sidebar when viewing an encyclopedia entry
- [Finally] reinstate the large category selection blocks for the main page
- Minor SEO tweaks
- Misc internal improvements


- Finished adding French for the Science section
- Fixed all bad/broken links
- Various typo fixes


- Enable French [I've only got about 1/3 of the DB translated to French, but I'm enabling it for what I have, lest I consider it wasted]
- White space fixes for a few English entries in Science.
- Enable Google Analytics


- Fixed: Out-of-bounds page numbers now redirect to the nearest valid page number.


- Fixed AJAX calls inserting markup for parent div
- Implemented some responsive design elements (The site should be at least usable on mobile devices now; I'm aware the sidebar could handle small resolutions a bit more gracefully)
- Updated Privacy Policy
- Offloaded some copyright information to a new Rights page.
- Streamlined a few pages by removing unneeded headers
- Added content encoding to the XML doctype
- Pile of under-the-hood multilingual improvements


Content updates:
- Fixed: Typo: "George Kessler", not "Kasler"
- Fixed: Missing content in Black Ninja entry
- Fixed: Missing content in Liquid Snake entry, page 2
- Fixed: Missing content in Raiden entry, page 5
- Dates should read "###0s", not "###0's"
- Misc. new line adjustments based on those in other languages


- SEO improvements
- Miscellaneous internal tweaks


- Moved descriptive information to new About page
- Added functionality to fall back onto English articles when translations are incomplete
- Fixed legacy URL redirects requiring pushState support
- Fixed global navbar style errors in IE (Tested in IE9)
- Moved Encyclopedia sections above General sections
- Fixed pagination not showing and added 'No results' message when no results are found for a given category subsection (IE, '0-9' under 'People')
- Dropped support for navigating the site using hashed AJAX URLs; hashed URLs should still redirect to the correct page, but navigation from there will require pushState/popState to use AJAX
- Misc internal optimizations
- Misc stylesheet tweaks


Old URLs (Both query-string-based, /?default; and AJAX, /#default) will now redirect to their appropriate English pages; sidebar links are now unordered list items, hopefully this will help get categories to show up in Google searches; various tweaks and fixes


Added multi-language support (I just need the translations!)


Fixed: [redact] tags visible


Completed move to CodeIgniter. Dropped support for the MGS4 Lock (It's been nearly 4 years since this game came out. Get over it). Simplified AJAX scripts and added support for HTML5's popState history manipulation.


Moved comments to new Change Log page


Site overhaul. Applied new template I've been working on; rewrote a good chunk of code to optimize the db and improve performance


MGS4 Lock now AJAX-enabled; fixed a few JavaScript issues


Now with AJAX!