Real Name: Adam (Adamska in Russian).

Known and feared among the Afghan guerrillas as Shalashaska. Former Spetsnaz major and FOXHOUND operative. His codename with FOXHOUND was Revolver Ocelot. Throughout his career, he played a double and triple agent planted within a host of organizations.

A quick-shot and expert at torture, he is also a huge fan of Spaghetti Westerns. His weapon of choice was the Single Action Army. He was able to hit even concealed targets by causing bullets to ricochet around objects.

During the Shadow Moses Incident, the Cyborg Ninja cut off his dominant right hand, which he replaced with Liquid Snake's. Liquid's will remained within the arm, however, and took control of Ocelot's body, creating Liquid Ocelot. He then formed Outer Heaven, mother company to the world's five largest PMCs.