Solidus Snake


43rd President of the United States, George Sears.

The third Snake; a pure clone created from Big Boss's body cells, perfectly matching his DNA pattern. He wore an eyepatch after losing his left eye during his Harrier assault on Raiden, and wielded two swords, the Minshu and Kyouwa blades (Democrat and Republican Blades). He wore an enhancement suit equipped with artificial muscle that used reflect action to dissipate any and all damage, and two snake arms attached at the shoulders capable of firing guided missiles. He commanded the Tengu special forces unit.

While in office as US President, he worked to bring about the Shadow Moses Incident using Revolver Ocelot as his pawn under orders from the Patriots.

After pressure resulting from the 2005 Shadow Moses scandal forced him out of office, he took an antagonistic position against the Patriots, who controlled even the presidency.

Upon learning in 2009 of the existence of the massive Metal Gear, Arsenal Gear, disguised as the offshore purification plant the Big Shell, he enlisted the Presidential anti-terrorist unit Dead Cell to help him steal it. He succeeded in taking over the Big Shell, and took hostage current President James Johnson, who was on-site inspecting the facility. Calling his group "Sons of Liberty", he demanded the US government pay a ransom of 30 billion dollars.