Roy Campbell


Former commander of Special Forces Unit FOXHOUND, he later monitored the activities of PMCs (private military companies) for an auxiliary organization to the UN Security Council.

He was a US Marine, a green beret, and a member of Delta Force. While a green beret, he was sent to the San Hieronymo Peninsula on the coast of Colombia, where he shared a fateful encounter with Big Boss. The peninsula housed a Soviet base cut off by the Soviet Union, held at the time by the renegade members of the FOX Unit. Campbell, trained in psychology, used his powers of persuasion to recruit the remaining Soviet forces, joining Big Boss in the struggle against FOX.

Ultimately successful in suppressing the renegades, Campbell joined Big Boss's special forces unit FOXHOUND. There, he put his skill as a combat-proven military strategist to work as vice-commander of the unit.

Following Big Boss's discharge pursuant to his role in the 1995 Outer Heaven Uprising, Campbell was promoted to FOXHOUND commander. He was in charge of the 1999 Operation Intrude F014 in response to the Zanzibarland Disturbance. He retired after Zanzibarland's fall, but returned on a provisional basis for the 2005 Shadow Moses Incident to command the support team assisting Solid Snake.

His motive for volunteering to assist Snake on the project was to secure the safety of new FOXHOUND recruit Meryl Silverburgh. The CIA Had pressured him to command the operation in exchange for Silverburgh's life. Meryl was actually Campbell's daughter from an affair with his younger brother's wife.

After the Shadow Moses Incident, Roy Campbell began work monitoring PMC (Private Military Company) activity and protecting refugees as part of an auxiliary organization to the UN Security Council. Upon catching word of Liquid Ocelot's plans, Campbell asked his old friend Solid Snake to assassinate Liquid.