But the Patriots' true S3 Project was not a "Solid Snake Simulation".

The true S3 Project was the Patriots' "Selection for Societal Sanity", a system engineered to control peoples' minds by controlling information. Raiden was selected to be the subject of the final test to prove its viability.

The rationale behind drafting a scenario using Shadow Moses as its motif lie in the extreme nature of that incident. It recreated the Shadow Moses conflict as a test of the S3 Project's boundaries, to see if GW could properly function in such an environment.

When Solidus Snake took the hijacked Arsenal Gear ashore in Manhattan, the fake Colonel (AI) and Rose created as an illusion within Raiden's brain by the Patriots' AI explained the truth to Raiden.

He had been used by both Solidus Snake and the Patriots.

Even the codename Raiden, which referred to a type of interceptor craft used by the Japanese in World War II, held a clue to his existence as a disposable weapon.

Exercising his own free will for the first time, Raiden fought Solidus in a duel and won.

Then, free of the Patriots' bonds, Raiden set out to rescue Olga's daughter.