FOX's former prisoner interrogation specialist. His codename while a member of FOX was "Boa". He is a master of torture whose favorite implement is the stun rod. His philosophy regarding torture is to apply just the right kind in just the right amount in just the right location.

During his days in FOX, Cunningham was wounded in the leg while on a mission for the CIA, and subsequently retired from the unit. In 1970, he joined Gene's rebellion on the San Hieronymo Peninsula wearing a prosthetic leg. He reveres The Boss as the mother of Special Forces, and feels bitter anger toward the CIA for forcing her to die in a foreign land and for taking control of FOX.

In reality, Cunningham was not loyal to the CIA, but a spy planted within FOX's ranks by the CIA's rival, the Pentagon. His objective was to undermine the CIA's authority as well as to obliterate the base at San Hieronymo with a Davy Crockett missile.