Pettrovich Madnar


Born Drago Pettrovich Madnar, he developed the original Metal Gear. As a medical cybernetics engineer and robotology researcher well known throughout Eastern Europe, his work combined the disciplines of Physiology, Mechanical Engineering, and Systems Engineering into one. Using that expertise, he developed bipedal walking technology (Powered Gear technology). Together with Big Boss at Outer Heaven, he created the nuclear-armed bipedal walking tank Metal Gear (TX-55) and the TX-11 "Cyberoid". Though rescued by Solid Snake during the Outer Heaven Uprising, Big Boss's philosophical outlook resonated with him. In the Snatcher Project, he put his knowledge of medical cybernetics to work on the defeated, half-dead Big Boss, bringing him back to life in Zanzibarland. During the ensuing conflict at Zanzibarland, he conspired with Big Boss to kidnap Kio Marv, but was ultimately stopped by Solid Snake.