Naomi Hunter


The world's foremost authority on gene therapy, and FOXHOUND's former medical officer. She was a civilian contractor sent by ATGC to oversee gene therapy for FOXHOUND members and the Genome Soldiers. Naomi is also an expert in nanomachine technology and was in charge of monitoring Solid Snake's vital data during the 2005 Shadow Moses Incident. The staff affectionately called her "Dr. Naomi". Besides her genetic research, she also cultivates blue roses.

Naomi invented a technique called gene targeting and used it to develop the assassin virus FOXDIE upon the request of the DIA. When she injected Solid Snake with anti-freezing peptides, she injected FOXDIE along with them. The CIA had mandated that Snake be used as a vector for FOXDIE. The targets would be the two hostages on Shadow Moses, the DARPA Chief and the president of ArmsTech, and the members of FOXHOUND.

She claimed that her father served as an FBI agent under J. Edgar Hoover, but all this was a lie. Naomi was actually an orphan from Rhodesia who was saved by Gray Fox, calling himself Frank Hunter. Big Boss helped her and Gray Fox emigrate to America, and the two of them lived together as brother and sister until she entered college. She held a grudge against Solid Snake for Gray Fox's death, and secretly planned to program FOXDIE to target Snake. Her plot was discovered, and Naomi was arrested in the middle of the Shadow Moses mission on charges of treason and was sent to a federal prison. After the Shadow Moses Incident, it was revealed that Solid Snake was not a FOXDIE target after all.