Master Miller


Full name McDonell Benedict Miller. FOXHOUND's survival instructor.

Hard-nosed and unforgiving, he is referred to as "Master Miller" by the members of FOXHOUND as a sign of respect. A third-generation Japanese-American, he served as an instructor for SAS, the Green Berets, and Marine boot camp as well as a coach at merc school. He is well-read and possesses a vast array of scientific knowledge. After retiring from boot camp, he moved to Alaska where he occasionally acted as an instructor for the Alaska Scouts. he is an expert on local flora and fauna, and his knowledge of survival techniques is also extensive. He lives with his daughter Catherine.

He met Solid Snake at FOXHOUND's training camp. In 1999, he joined a rear support unit to assist Solid Snake during the Zanzibarland Disturbance. He also participated in the rear support unit for the 2005 Shadow Moses Incident, providing advice from his home over radio.

But the Master Miller who provided support to Snake during the Shadow Moses Incident was an impostor. The real Master Miller had been murdered at his home in Alaska. The man posing as Master Miller was none other than Liquid Snake.