The word "haven" means a place of refuge, and is used in terms such as "tax haven" and "data haven". A tax haven is a foreign country used to avoid or reduce income taxes. They are typically countries with extremely low tax rates or no taxation at all. Their governments try to attract companies with the promise of low or no taxes if they incorporate their business or move with their assets there. A data haven is a server or network protected from government action. Placing data servers in a country that either has no laws or poorly enforced laws restricting the use of data allows the operation of illegal online businesses without fear of prosecution.

Outer Haven is a place of refuge for Liquid Ocelot and his group. He concealed the fact that it was the mother company of his PMCs so that no one would discover its true nature. It is also safe from ID control by the Sons of the Patriots, making it a true refuge outside of anyone else's control.