OctoCamo Suit


A sneaking suit developed by Otacon that can dynamically mimic the surrounding environment.

This camouflage suit can automatically copy the pattern and texture of any surface it comes in contact with. It was developed using technology that is based on the mimicry mechanism used by octopi, and is therefore able to mimic not only the surrounding environment's color, but its shape as well. It releases less heat and consumes less battery power than stealth camouflage. Other advantages include its ability to remain hidden from infrared sensors thanks to its micro-Peltier array for regulating heat absorption and release.

It is also equipped with a regeneration function that promotes cellular phospholipid production by passing a weak electrical current through the suit. Additional features include muscular augmentation that reduces load forces exerted on the wearer.

Around the dawn of the 21st century, reports began emerging about how stealth camouflage damages the body with the electromagnetic radiation it emits, but OctoCamo is believed to have far less of an effect thanks to its reduced radiation level. It is also durable, reliable, and inexpensive to make.