Dwarf Gekko


Three-armed miniature machines. Nicknamed "scarabs" for their form and movements.

These small UGVs (Unmanned Ground Vehicles) operate on the battlefield using the Gekko as a mothership, attaching to its back for transit to the operation site. Once there, they are capable of surveillance and tracking within tight indoor spaces inaccessible to the Gekko. They are not fitted with heavy weapons but are capable of combat.

Beyond using its three manipulator arms to move about, these unmanned weapons possess the dexterity to enter homes and office buildings, operate computer keyboards, and open drawers to collect intelligence, and operate a handgun. Small enough to function unhindered in any space designed for human use.

The Dwarf Gekko is well suited to a variety of tasks, including solo stealth missions or pack-based combat.

Housing a stun gun within its 30cm-wide spherical body, it can also deliver a shock blast to foes it clings to. Documented instances exist of Dwarf Gekko units masquerading as humans in urban areas, stacked three units vertically and dressed in a trench coat.