Sons of the Patriots


The battlefield control system developed by AT Security. Its introduction has drastically increased the presence of PMCs across the world. Military personnel and soldiers are injected with nanomachines containing a unique ID. All weapons made since the introduction of the system contain an ID check that must be passed before the weapon can be used. The system allows an organization to monitor every soldier's condition and battlefield conditions of every scale. If a person's nanomachines do not pass an ID check, the security lock is activated and the weapon cannot be used; this also holds true for boarding vehicles. With this level of destructive power not linked to any national ideology, many around the world now fear the existence of PMCs, but the introduction of the Sons of the Patriots System is said to make it impossible for a PMC to ever attack a client.

The nanomachines secrete chemicals inside soldiers' bodies that regulate their emotions and reflexes, allowing even rookies to perform like veterans on virtually any battlefield. Even if physically wounded, their sense of pain can also be controlled. The SOP nanomachines also use short-range burst transmissions that allow for wireless communication between members of a unit. At the same time, SOP provides armies with real-time data on their soldiers and weapons. Data on everything from location to remaining ammo to soldier's heart rates is continuously updated so that commanders can make ultra-precise decisions in the field. The complete control provided by Sons of the Patriots makes armies vastly more effective, and SOP-enabled armies can overwhelm armies without it in the blink of an eye.