Baseline Map


One of the features of the Solid Eye, designed by Hal Emmerich, which projects a visualization of everything use user senses, consciously and unconsciously, on their field of vision. It displays any presences detected via the sounds, temperature, humidity, scent, air flow, and vibrations of the surrounding area in a bird's-eye view map. The stronger the presence, the bigger and brighter it appears on the map. Aggressive bioforms like soldiers or mobile objects like unmanned vehicles emit a strong presence, and show up clearly. Experienced solders, however, may be able to cover up their presence, potentially foiling the Baseline Map. Furthermore, environments that are noisy or have an otherwise high baseline reading result in a baffled reading.

The more they stand out, the larger and brighter they appear on the map. By remaining still or using the OctoCamo to blend into the surrounding environment, the user can minimize their presence on the map.