BB Corps


A freelance combat unit dispatched to every major PMC. Originally, they were victims of war but the trauma (psychological damage), shellshock, and PTSD that they suffered in the battlefield transformed them into beasts.

Every emotion that pours forth from within is expressed externally in the form of a beast. The irrepressible emotions are controlled by reinforced outfits and nanomachines inside the body. It is believed that beneath the hideous external shell formed by the emotional emission lies a purified woman of rare innocence and beauty. It is also thought that once the protective shell is lost, the fragile, flesh-and-blood form can only live for a few minutes. Since Snake appeared in the Middle East, they have been ordered to eliminate Old Snake.

They are convinced that "by killing Snake, my soul will be purified".

Four BB Corps members have been sighted in various battlefields: Crying Wolf, an armored quadruped equipped with a rail gun, has the brute force to stop a heavy duty bulldozer in a head-on charge; Raging Raven, a winged warrior equipped with a grenade launcher, who controls numerous unmanned Slider weapons; Laughing Octopus, equipped with OctoCamo, has four tentacle-like manipulators primarily used for mobile attacks; and Screaming Mantis, the commander of the aforementioned trio, who specializes in mind control.

The name of the unit—"Beauty and the Beast Corps"—stems from the fact that within each member's beastly shell, clearly outlined by a reinforced combat suit, there lies a beautiful girl. The BB Corps is controlled by Outer Heaven, and has been placed under Vamp's command to carry out Liquid's plans. They are also referred to as the "SNAKEHOUND Corps", a designation accorded by Drebin in reference to their directive to specifically target Old Snake.