AT Security


Defense contractor ArmsTech's new corporate name.

The scandal of the Shadow Moses Incident in 2005 caused ArmsTech's stock prices to nosedive. Its charismatic president, Kenneth Baker, was killed during the incident, and the top-secret Metal Gear REX project was put on hold, never to see the light of day. Once one of the leading US defense contractors, ArmsTech was driven to the verge of bankruptcy.

It was the Big Shell Incident that saved the company. Demand for PMC services grew following the crash of the Arsenal Gear into Manhattan in 2009, with US forces relying more and more on outside help. All PMCs were soon required to register their equipment under the Sons of the Patriots ID System and inject their soldiers with nanomachines. It was ArmsTech that was contracted to help develop this system. The flood of armies upgrading their arsenals to meet these new standards resulted in enormous contracts for the company. It was during this time that ArmsTech changed its name to AT Security.