Truth Behind Shadow Moses Incident


The circumstances surrounding the Shadow Moses Incident in 2005 have never been publicly revealed, and Solid Snake's efforts as well as Liquid Snake's rebellion have been completely covered up.

However, Natasha Romanenko, a military analyst who supported Solid Snake's one-man infiltration operation, was privy to all radio communications made during the operation and wrote an exposé revealing the hidden truth. She also reported the findings from her own investigation on the conspiracy behind the Shadow Moses Incident.

Natasha initially faced a number of hurdles, including book publishers who, fearing government pressure, refused to release her book, but she went on to publish it on the Internet and in paper form through her own channels, covering nearly half the publishing expenses herself.

Entitled "In the Darkness of Shadow Moses: The Unofficial Truth", the book became a bestseller, revealing to the American public the lonely efforts of Solid Snake and the conspiracy committed by the US government.

Natasha earned more than enough from royalties to retire from the life of an analyst, but she donated most of the earnings to Philanthropy, an anti-Metal Gear group run by Snake and Otacon, with the money used to support their efforts.