San Hieronymo Peninsula


An area that the locals call "The Peninsula of the Dead" (La Peninsula de los Muertos). Located on the coast of central Colombia, almost directly below Cuba. Does not appear on conventional world maps from the 1970s because it was under the control of the Soviet Army.

Around 1964, Colombia's largest anti-government organization, FARC, gave this region to the Soviet Union in return for military support. The Soviet Union intended to build a mid-range missile (IRBM) base in the area. However, during the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks that began in 1969, it was decided to restrict the number of ballistic missiles that could be owned and this, in addition to economic difficulties, led to construction of the base being abandoned midway. The Soviet Union was reluctant to provide funds for bringing soldiers home and the soldiers on San Hieronymo Peninsula were abandoned there.

In 1970, with Soviet control relinquished, this area was occupied by a FOX Unit lead by Gene. They deployed troops over the entire San Hieronymo Peninsula and continued the development of Metal Gear on their own authority. Events unfolded up to the "San Hieronymo Peninsula Metal Gear Seizure Incident".