Name that referred to both Zambia and Zimbabwe, located in the interior of the African continent.

Discord existed between the south, which was colonized by European settlers, and the north, where native tribes resided. An autonomous government was established in Southern Rhodesia due to a referendum by the foreign settlers in 1923. In the following year, Northern Rhodesia became a British territory.

From around 1960, independence movements by the native Africans became increasingly active.

With support from countries such as the Soviet Union and China, Rhodesian liberation groups began a guerrilla war aimed at independence for the African nation.

Before long, a Rhodesian battle line consisting mainly of white farm owners was formed and all-out confrontation ensued.

The Republic of Rhodesia was established by the white settlers. However, the United Nations objected and imposed economic sanctions.

The conflict between the black guerrillas and the white government, supported by Portugal and South Africa, developed into a civil war.

In 1975, Mozambique became independent. Rhodesia was renamed Zimbabwe-Rhodesia in 1979 as a result of African intervention.

A new constitution was enacted according to the Lancaster House Agreement entered into by the government and the anti-government guerrillas.

In 1980, Rhodesia officially became independent as the Republic of Zimbabwe.