Virtuous Mission


Commenced August 24th, 1964. As American special forces FOX Unit's first real combat operation, the existence of their unit hung in the balance. The objectives of this solo infiltration mission into Tselinoyarsk amid the mountains of the Soviet Union were to secure the safety of Sokolov, a scientist working on developing the new Shagohod weapon, and to escort him to the West.

FOX agent Naked Snake entered the Soviet Union via the world's first HALO jump, then commenced solo infiltration. He made contact with the imprisoned Sokolov, and the two escaped. However, Naked Snake fell before GRU Colonel Volgin and The Boss, who defected from America to the Soviet Union, and Sokolov was recaptured and subsequently imprisoned by the GRU. Naked Snake was heavily wounded, but was successfully recovered using the Fulton Recovery System, and returned to America. Colonel Volgin then used the Davy Crockett nuclear warheads given to him by The Boss to destroy secret design bureau OKB-754, and framed The Boss for the bombing.