Ural Nuclear Disaster


Nuclear accident that occurred on September 29, 1957, at a secret complex "Chelyabinsk-65" in the town of Kyshtym, located 100km north of the city of Kasli in the Ural area of the Soviet Union. The complex was the location of an atomic reactor producing plutonium for use in atomic bombs. However, the reactor exploded due to a malfunction in a liquid waste storage tank. Radioactive material was carried on a southwesterly wind and a belt-shaped region more than 100km long and 9km wide was exposed to radiation. Victims of the disaster outnumbered approximately 10,000. The Soviet Union covered up the accident but an article written by a refugee scientist was published in the science magazine, "New Scientist", and the fact was revealed worldwide.

Ursula (Elisa), a girl who was a victim of this nuclear disaster, acquired ESP abilities and was taken to a research institute in the German Democratic Republic (former East Germany). Later, she joined FOX. She works together with Gene.