Shadow Moses Incident


On the evening before the expected signing of START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) III in 2005, Special Forces Unit FOXHOUND initiated an armed revolt while on a training exercise on Shadow Moses, one of the islands in the Fox Archipelago off Alaska. They took hostage the head of DARPA and the president of ArmsTech, who were there to collect test data on a new type of weapon, and submitted a demand to the US government in exchange for their safe return.

FOXHOUND had brainwashed the Genome Soldiers of the Next-Generation Special Forces Unit and taken over the nuclear weapons disposal facility located on the island. Calling themselves the "Sons of Big Boss", the unit went rogue.

The FOXHOUND rebels were led by Liquid Snake. The remaining members were Decoy Octopus, Psycho Mantis, Sniper Wolf, Vulcan Raven, and Revolver Ocelot.

Their sole demand was the body of the legendary soldier known as Big Boss.

In response, the US government sent in former FOXHOUND member Solid Snake on a one-man infiltration mission.

Snake's mission involved assessing whether FOXHOUND had the ability to launch a nuke, stop them if they did, and rescue the hostages. Roy Campbell, former head of FOXHOUND, was called in to lead the support team.

Snake infiltrated Shadow Moses and made contact with the hostages, but both ended up dying.

Although Snake himself failed to save the hostages, he did discover that Metal Gear REX was being developed on the island, and with the help of new FOXHOUND recruit Meryl Silverburgh and Metal Gear REX developer Hal Emmerich, he searched for the PAL key in an attempt to avert a nuclear launch.

It was an extremely chaotic situation between the resistance put up by FOXHOUND and the unexpected appearance of the mysterious Cyborg Ninja, hungry for nothing but battle. Snake was even captured by FOXHOUND at one point, but managed to escape. He went on to obtain the PAL key and destroy Metal Gear REX with the help of the Cyborg Ninja.

Liquid Snake wanted Big Boss's body for three reasons. First, Liquid was a clone of Big Boss. Second, he wanted to eliminate the side effects of the gene therapy that were occurring in the Special Forces' Genome Soldiers. Third, he wanted to create the ultimate army using the soldier genes in Big Boss's body.

Solid Snake was also a clone of Big Boss, and Liquid referred to him as his brother. Liquid was attempting to rewrite his own destiny by decoding Big Boss's genetic sequence. Armed with Metal Gear REX, he was also hoping to establish a new Outer Heaven on Shadow Moses and thereby carry out Big Boss's dying wish.

During the mission, it was discovered that Solid Snake was a vector of the FOXDIE assassination virus. The Pentagon wanted to cover up all evidence of the incident by using FOXDIE to eliminate the rebels along with the president of ArmsTech, one of the hostages. Snake left the island a carrier of the FOXDIE virus, while Ocelot released the technology behind Metal Gear REX onto the black market.