San Hieronymo Incident


Antagonism was growing between the CIA, the parent organization of FOX, and the Department of Defense. With the CIA increasing its influence over US military affairs with the 1961 attempt to invade Cuba and covert operations in North Vietnam, the Pentagon sensed an approaching crisis. In 1970, the Pentagon hatched a plot on the San Hieronymo Peninsula aimed at undermining the CIA. Their scheme was quite elaborate: first, they would isolate FOX by having them hijack a Metal Gear in transit, and kidnap the legendary hero Naked Snake. Snake would be sent to San Hieronymo. Then they would pit him against FOX, which would leave Gene cornered and force him to launch the Intercontinental Ballistic Metal Gear. The Soviet-made ICBMG would be launched from a Soviet base into the Soviet homeland. The Soviets would be unable to condemn the US publicly. The Pentagon would engineer the CIA's downfall by exposing it as a rogue agency. And Cunningham, the Pentagon's man on the inside, would erase all evidence with a Davy Crockett. Or so they planned.

But while Naked Snake did succeed in annihilating FOX, the plans to launch a nuclear strike on the Soviet Union and wipe out the San Hieronymo base both failed. At the same time, the director of the CIA was assassinated at Langley, throwing the US government into disarray.