Philosophers' Legacy


During the Second World War, a secret pact was concluded between the true power players (The Philosophers) in the Big Three; the USA, China, and the Soviet Union. The pact dealt with the construction of world order after the Axis Powers were defeated.

The three countries' Philosophers pooled their assets in order to secure victory in the War. The amount of capital was so great that it would have funded five World Wars. The funds were used for such activities as backroom campaigns and military research.

Research into areas such as the atomic bomb, rocket technology, and the Cobra Unit, was supported with these funds.

The three countries agreed to distribute the assets after the end of the War.

However, one of the Philosophers who was in charge of laundering funds, Volgin's father, took advantage of postwar chaos to monopolize the assets. Following his father's death, Volgin inherited those assets.

The Philosophers' Legacy was dispersed and laundered through banks in countries across the world, including Switzerland, Austria, and Hong Kong. Anyone in possession of the microfilm that recorded the money flow could seize the dispersed and deposited funds.