Outer Heaven Uprising


In the 1990s, the CIA got wind of the creation of an armed fortress dubbed Outer Heaven in the remote reaches of South Africa. Outer Heaven was a private military company (PMC) that exploited its politically neutral stance in an attempt to control the balance of power on the battlefield by deploying its soldiers to war-torn regions around the world. Outer Heaven's power grab was a matter of grave concern for the major powers.

Outer Heaven's true nature was revealed in 1995 when it was discovered that the company had developed a nuclear-equipped bipedal tank. Alarmed by its capability to produce weapons of mass destruction, the US dispatched Special Forces Unit FOXHOUND to investigate. FOXHOUND sent in its best soldier, Gray Fox, followed by new recruit Solid Snake. The mission was code-named Operation Intrude N313. Several days after FOXHOUND was dispatched, Outer Heaven was destroyed in an inexplicable earthquake that struck the area. This series of events is known as the Outer Heaven Uprising. Solid Snake left FOXHOUND following the end of his mission.

Outer Heaven was founded by Big Boss, the former hero who averted all-out nuclear war between the US And Soviet Union in Operation Snake Eater. Big Boss secretly ran Outer Heaven while serving as the head of the CIA's FOXHOUND Unit. He founded the PMC in the 1990s using a portion of the Philosophers' Legacy, a massive sum of money seized from the Soviet Union in Operation Snake Eater. The concept of Outer Heaven was based on the ideal of "a world where soldiers could fulfill their sole purpose in life". Big Boss wanted to build a world of his own in the north of South Africa, beyond the reach of the major powers, hence the "Outer" portion of the organization's name. His PMC was to grow by deploying its soldiers to war-torn regions around the world. His soldier's paradise eventually took shape in the north of South Africa with the help of soldiers from around the globe. But a resistance movement was sparked against Outer Heaven's swift rise to power and subjugation of neighboring regions. Resistance members such as Kyle Schneider, Jennifer, and Diane, had participated in the building of Outer Heaven, but were to later turn against its military threat. Outer Heaven soon faced pressure from Western nations as well, and Big Boss, once known as the greatest patriot in American history, was slain by his former countrymen.