Bay of Pigs Invasion


In 1961, a unit (anti-revolutionary mercenary force) consisting of approximately 1500 Cuban exiles made a landing from the Bay of Pigs (Bahía de Cochinos in Spanish). They engaged in a battle with Cuban government troops. The American CIA provided arms and funds to this anti-revolutionary mercenary force and promised backup from the US Armed Forces. However, a succession of errors occurred, with supply lines being cut and aerial bombing not taking place due to discord between the CIA and President Kennedy. As a result, the force suffered a crushing defeat. 90 people were killed in action, and 1200 were taken prisoner. President Kennedy reprimanded the CIA and the CIA's director was dismissed.

The boss commanded a unit that fought Cuban government troops during the Bay of Pigs Invasion. Knowing that she had been deserted by the CIA, The Boss lost hope in the US government.