The Metal Gear


The Soviet weapons scientist Aleksandr Granin, engaged in a competition with Nikolai Sokolov to develop a new weapon, conceived a nuclear-armed bipedal walking tank. Granin considered his walking tank to be a weapon that would bridge the gap between infantryman and machine.

Naked Snake was the first person to utter the words "Metal Gear" after hearing Granin explain his concept. This marked the beginning of the epic tale of Man vs. Metal Gear that would last for half a century.

But Volgin did not adopt Granin's idea for a nuclear-armed bipedal walking tank, and Granin lost the competition to Sokolov and his Shagohod project.

In retaliation, Granin sent the blueprints for his weapon to a friend in the United States.

The seed of Metal Gear, the weapon that would later shake the entire world, had been planted in America.