Full name Aleksandr Leonovitch Granin.

Director of the secret Soviet Design Bureau OKB-812 and rival weapons developer to Sokolov during World War II. He laid the groundwork for the SS-1C mobile ballistic missile system and made countless other contributions to the Soviet weapons program. His government recognized his patriotism, hard work, and dedication by awarding him the Order of Lenin and title, Hero of Socialist Labor. Though he was working under Volgin and funded by the Philosophers' Legacy on the development of what he called a true revolution in weaponry, a bipedal walking tank, the government's interest shifted to Sokolov's Shagohod and Granin's project was canceled. The task of developing his bipedal tank then fell upon his American associate.

In the 1964 Operation Snake Eater, Granin cooperates with Naked Snake to spite Sokolov. The secret of his betrayal was short-lived, though, thanks to the bugged shoes he wore; a gift from Tatyana.