Metal Gear RAY (manned)


A new model of Metal Gear developed in secret by the Marine Corps in 2007.

RAY is an anti-Metal Gear weapon, created to counter the Metal Gear variations proliferating in third-world countries. The prototype is a one-man weapon capable of operating on its own. It can operate on land or underwater. Its walking and diving functions are controlled by artificial muscle tissue that lengthens and contracts in response to electric current.

RAY is equipped with missiles on its upper legs and back and dual machine guns on its arms. Its head is also outfitted with an internal high-pressure water cannon. The manned model has a long tail.

It employs a JITIDS (joint tactical information distribution system) to find and track targets and attacks them with overwhelming firepower. At the time, some even claimed that RAY would reduce the strategic value of aircraft carriers.

The codename "RAY" was derived from the giant manta rays that inhabit warm seas. It was first envisioned by the Chief of Naval Operations, as an offshoot of the Arsenal Ship Program.

The tanker transporting the prototype RAY to the Bermuda Sea for field testing was attacked by Colonel Gurlukovich's private army, and RAY was stolen by Revolver Ocelot.