Alan Shepherd


America's first astronaut. Formerly a Navy test pilot, he was asked by NASA to join the Light Staff, a group of astronauts. In 1961's Mercury project "Mercury 3 (Freedom 7)", he successfully returned from 15 minutes and 28 seconds of orbital flight, making him the first American to reach space according to official record. He later participated in the Gemini and Apollo projects, and rode the Apollo 14 shuttle, making him the 5th human to set foot on the moon. He is often remembered for having humorously played golf on the lunar surface.

During the 1964 Operation Snake Eater, Naked Snake infiltrated the Soviet Union from the air via a cutting-edge supersonic fighter jet. Zero teasingly suggested that using a top-secret fighter craft in a real op was a feat on par with Alan Shepherd's accomplishment. Naked Snake was dropped from the craft in mid-air at a speed exceeding Mach 3, falling to earth inside a drone.