Real name: Helena Dolph Jackson.

Dead Cell member.

She wields a portable rail gun.

Also known as "Lady Luck", because bullets aimed at her always missed their mark, while grenades and other explosives thrown her way were always duds. She herself claimed that her luck on the battlefield was at the cost of tragedy in her personal life.

Daughter of Marine Commandant Scott Dolph, who died in the sinking tanker incident.

She was also the wife of former Dead Cell leader Captain Jackson, who was incarcerated for embezzlement.

Fortune's mother, perhaps due to a combination of her husband's death and son-in-law's jailing, committed suicide. Fortune herself miscarried her child in its second trimester as a result of the shock. A few months later, Jackson died while in prison.

In the span of six months, Helena had lost her family and the life she had previously taken for granted.

In her desperation and desire to prove her late husband's innocence, she joined the military and took over Dead Cell. Even by the end of her basic training, her supernatural luck had begun to manifest. Her belief that Solid Snake was behind the tanker sinking and a burning desire for revenge pushed her onwards.