Emma Emmerich


Full name Emma Emmerich Danziger, younger stepsister to Hal Emmerich. A genius at artificial intelligence (neural AI), complexity theory, and computer engineering, even as a young girl. Nicknamed "EE", she owned a parrot named Otacon, and was known to use a pair of chopsticks to tie back her hair.

While at Oxford University, she successfully decoded the cryptographic challenge presented by the British Secret Intelligence Service as part of a special coding event. She became the leader of a cracker group and orchestrated the NSA signal data hacking assault of January 24, 2000, a feat which earned her invitations to join a host of intelligence agencies worldwide.

She joined the NSA in 2005 in exchange for information regarding her brother Hal Emmerich, who had been involved in the Shadow Moses Incident. After two years, she left the NSA to begin work on GW, a massive data processing system designed to regular information on a global scale according to the Patriots' desires. Later, she continued development work within Arsenal Gear, disguised as Big Shell. When the Arsenal Gear project went berserk, the Patriots ordered Emma to create a worm cluster to destroy GW.

In 2007, Emma leaked information about Metal Gear RAY to Hal Emmerich's NGO, Philanthropy, under the name EE. After being rescued by Raiden within the Solidus Snake-controlled Big Shell she entrusted him with the worm cluster, but was subsequently fatally stabbed by Vamp.

At the age of 6, Emma lost her stepfather in a family pool drowning incident in which she herself almost died. As a result, she felt a strong love-hate obsession for her stepbrother Hal, who had failed to help them. Emma died before she was able to communicate her true feelings to Hal.