An anti-Metal Gear group formed by Snake and Otacon and registered as an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) with the United Nations.

After the Shadow Moses Incident, Metal Gear REX's tactical data was leaked onto the black market by Revolver Ocelot. The dissemination of this information led to the propagation of Metal Gear derivatives across the world, with every nuclear state making use of its technology.

Philanthropy was established in order to eradicate all Metal Gear technology.

Solid Snake, Hal Emmerich, Natasha Romanenko, and Mei Ling are members of the group. Gathering intel by hacking into Pentagon computers and other illegal means, Philanthropy investigates Metal Gear development and exposes its findings to the public via the Internet.

Due to insufficient operational funds, Solid Snake is outfitted with black market equipment appropriated from the US Army Soldier Systems Center, where Mei Ling is assigned. Given the origins of said equipment, it is not unusual for items such as the Stealth Camouflage to malfunction during missions.