Cobra Unit


A secret special forces unit established during World War II, comprised of elite soldiers from the Allied Forces.

The group was organized and trained by The Boss. Although it was disbanded at the end of the war due to tensions between The Philosophers, it was reinstated during Operation Snake Eater with The Boss again in command. With the exception of "The End" which refers to the cessation of truth, all members have codenames that reflect their emotions during battle. The Boss feels supreme bliss, and is thus known as "The Joy". Other Operatives are "The Pain" for ultimate agony; "The Fear" for pure horror; "The Fury" for infinite rage; and "The Sorrow" for profound sadness.

During WWII, Cobra undertook morally questionable missions that could never be revealed to the general public. Thus, operatives were forbidden from being captured or even leaving their corpses behind. With this in mind, operatives are equipped with a micro-bomb that is triggered upon their death.