Vulcan Raven


FOXHOUND shaman soldier.

Half Native American, half Inuit, it was thought that his Alaskan blood made him innately suited to freezing temperatures. Raised as a shaman, he possessed supernatural powers as well as an elite education from the University of Alaska. He enjoyed trapping deep within Alaska's perilous Brooks Mountains as a hobby. One one trip across the frozen Bering Strait to Siberia, Raven met then-GRU operative Revolver Ocelot. Despite his work alongside the former Soviet Union top-secret special operations unit Vympel, the 1993 Moscow riot saw him shipped off to remote posts along with a host of other Vympel operatives, and he elected to leave Russia. He later joined Outer Heaven, and ultimately joined FOXHOUND through Ocelot's introduction. He bore a raven-shaped birthmark on his forehead, and petroglyph tattoos covered his body.

He sensed in Solid Snake the bloodline of an East Asian, and a wavelength distinct from those of the natural world. He died defeated by Solid Snake in combat.