Formerly Dead Cell's knife-wielder. Able to dodge bullets and run on water, he also possessed an immortal body capable of surviving even a bullet to the head.

Victim to a church bombing as a child, he lost his entire family and was himself impaled on the church's cross for two full days, trapped below the wreckage. He managed to survive that period by drinking the spilled blood of his family, and that which poured from his own chest, earning him the nickname "Vamp" in later life.

A member of Dead Cell from its inception, he felt a strong bond of loyalty to the late Captain Jackson and his wife, Fortune.

He was also a bisexual, rumored to have been the lover of Marine Commandant Scott Dolph.

He was shot by Raiden after turning his knife on Emma Emmerich Danziger at Big Shell, and fell into the sea. His official whereabouts thereafter are unknown.