The Boss


Founding leader of the Cobra Unit and legendary soldier, also known as the "mother of special forces". Her Cobra Unit codename was "The Joy", while she was known in the East as Voyevoda. The Cobra Unit was disbanded following World War II, and she was granted the codename "The Boss". She developed CQC together with Naked Snake, and possessed an extremely high level of combat skill.

During World War II, she formed the Cobra Unit and participated in the landing at Normandy. She also successfully located and destroyed V2 rocket launch bases and conducted many assassination and special operations thereafter, leading the Allied forces to eventual victory. Following the war, the Cobra Unit was disbanded, and she joined a variety of other squadrons. She was in the SAS together with Zero, and together formed a new organization. She later trained a new generation of soldiers through projects like the charm schools in the People's Republic of China, where she groomed spies.

In 1950, she joined in the Korean War. She spend over ten years together with Naked Snake, training him as her direct disciple.

She was present for the January 11, 1951 nuclear test in Nevada, where she was exposed to radiation.

She participated in the 1960 Mercury Project, the American government's seminal manned space flight project. The boss was designated by the government as the test pilot for an unofficial manned space flight experiment. As technology to shield pilots from space radiation was incomplete at the time, making irradiation an inevitability, The Boss (already exposed to nuclear radiation at Nevada) was chosen for the task.

Seeing the Earth from space inspired The Boss to dream of uniting the world as one.

She was later sent to the Bay of Pigs in Cuba in 1961, where she participated in the infamous invasion. Betrayed by the US government when the President called off the planned aerial support, The Boss's unit was annihilated. She subsequently went underground.

In 1962, on orders from the remnants of the Philosophers, she faced The Sorrow, formerly her lover, on the field of battle, and killed him.