Cyborg Ninja


A mechanized ninja encased in a reinforced exoskeleton who appeared on Shadow Moses Island during the 2005 incident.

He materialized and vanished at will thanks to full-body stealth camouflage, and also wielded a high-frequency blade.

The ninja's consciousness was unstable, causing a rapid deterioration of identity. He bore a special grudge against Solid Snake.

The Cyborg Ninja's true identity was Gray Fox, made stronger through exoskeletal enhancements.

He died in Zanzibarland, but was revived as an early gene therapy test subject for the Genome Soldier research program. His mind was altered using drugs, allowing only the desire to face Solid Snake once more in combat to persist within his tattered consciousness.

He appears after Liquid Snake activates Metal Gear REX in order to assist Solid Snake, but dies in the heat of battle.